100 Years Of Photography At Newport

John Warburton

June 14, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

Personally the most important factors of the Newport course was the freedom to focus on ones chosen subject in detail with no constraints, coupled with the full time and visiting lecturers who were [and still are] on top of their profession, both factors provided an unforgettable learning experience.

Technical help was always on hand and top quality equipment available from the stores and plenty of it! There is nothing like being able to take out a few grands worth of kit for a week or two, all in pristine condition [and God help you if it didn't come back that way as well! ].

I was on the course at the time when digital photography was coming into its own and Newport were right on the ball with the latest and highest quality digital equipment. With the help of the lecturers and technicians I was brought up to date with everything digital. Mind boggling and frustrating at times, the transition was not easy for me [ I do not like change] but proved to be so worthwhile when finally mastered.

Theoretical debates, one to one and group tutorials never failed to spark new ideas and highlight new avenues of exploration. Constantly challenging and questioning the documentary image and its construction of meaning may have lead to a few headaches and plenty of head scratching and soul searching but the knowledge gained as a person and photographer was immense and continues to fuel my photographic practice.

Hats off to all involved in the Doc Phot course and may it continue to move onwards and upwards,


John Warburton