100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Jenny Hardy

October 26, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

Jenny Hardy Graduated 2004 and 2006

I’m happy to say that I am working as a photographer and I’m sure that studying at Newport has helped me on my way. Apart from the amazing facilities and the wonderful library, where one could loose themselves; the principles I learnt from the tutors stay with me on every shoot.

From Clive Landern I lent the principle of physical awareness, how to move and read what was happening around me. Whenever I see road kill I’m reminded of Clive.

From Ken Grant I leant compassion and how to be sensitive to the people and the subject. I’m reminded of Ken when I hear of Liverpool.

Pete Davis If you are passionate about your subject you can find it! Paul is with me when I am walking in an apparently old forest.

Ian Walker taught me to question my surroundings and what I see. Don’t accept what I see in the frame. There is not a Little Chief that escapes my attention.

Paul Seawright installed integrity into my work, be honest! About who you are! Whenever I put on a pair of Levis I’m reminded of Paul.

As a Newport photographer I endeavour to be Aware, compassionate, passionate, critical and have integrity.
Thanks Guys!

P.s Thanks Russell Roberts for showing us the Fox Talbot Glass negative, magical moment, never forgotten.