100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Chris Goddard

April 13, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

Newport doesn’t just teach you about photography, it teaches you that photography is only a means to a more important end. The first year assignments were like an assault course to teach you confidence in using the camera as a tool. The second year was about using it to communicate ideas. It’s about learning to see the world, not so much through a lens but with better eyes.

I met some great people and made lifelong friends. The lecturers and their passion I will never forget. I cant think what my life would have been like had I not gone to Newport.

On a lighter note, I remember David Hurn half jokingly saying that the Portrait assignment was a great way of picking up girls. So I did. My first portrait was of Medina Hammad, who was a practicing artist in my home town of Lincoln. By pure coincidence she had landed in Lincoln having finished studying Fine Art at Newport. Unknown to me our paths had already crossed as she had moved into my old studio when I set out for Newport to study Documentary Photography. As the first work print emerged from the machine Arnhel DeSerra looked up at me and winked in that mockingly boyish way that he still has. David Hurn was right, 25 years later Medina and I still live happily together.

Thank you David, Daniel, Clive, John, Paul, Keith, Ron and Sue, and thanks Newport.

Chris Goddard, HND Documentary Photography, 1986/88.