100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Andrea Cringean

April 25, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

Newport 1980-81

After four years of academics in Edinburgh, Newport taught me how to see. I was privileged to be taught by David Hurn, John Charity, Ron McCormick and Clive Landon. Each brought something different to the learning experience, and because they were all unique characters I always left a crit session feeling enthused and excited to get back out and try again. Their love of photography was infectious, and I don’t think I ever worked so hard to try and master something – as if you could!

I was part of the first year of the Newport Survey and we were lucky to work alongside Sir Tom Hopkinson. It fascinated me to see him lay out prints and chat about his decisions to size and place pictures together. (We printed them to scale the old fashioned way and they were layed out by hand – it was a very personal way to work). Josef Koudelka used to wander into the department frequently and bribe students to process his film, and George Rodger invited several of us for dinner. It was an exciting time to be at Newport and I loved it.

Newport helped me to confront my shyness and start relating to people from all walks of life. It broadened my horizons enormously and although getting the pictures was the goal, getting insight into lives of others was the prize. It paved the way for life as a freelance, and I continued to use what I learned at Newport throughout my photographic career. Thanks to you all, I am indebted. And whatever did happen to my Diploma Ron?