100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Georgina Kloss

April 25, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

I studied at Newport University from 2005 to 2008 where began studying Documentary Photography with Ken Grant and Clive Landen for two years. The first project was to photograph people at work around Newport. Ken and Clive really threw us in the deep end of Documentary, confronting strangers and building a relationship with them was a real test as previously all I had done was photograph my family and friends. I came across this run down cinema, which has now been demolished and photographed the projectionist there. I was really excited about showing this work but Clive Landen did not seem impressed with my output. This made me work harder but I found myself not liking the photographer I was becoming or the photographs I was taking. My photographs started to look like scenes out of movies and a bit commercial.

I kept presenting my work in an old photographic paper box, I was told that this was not acceptable and to buy a proper portfolio box. I couldn’t afford one at the time so Clive Landen kindly gave me an old one. Which really meant a lot to me.

I decided in the last year to switch on to the Photographic Art course with Peter Bobby, Ronnie Close and Magali Nougarede who had joined the course recently, I found having a female role model really helped me, and gave me more confidence to pursue the kind of work I wanted to make. I began to make pictures, which really excited me, but explaining it was very difficult. My previous work was simple to explain. Expressing myself through photography started to become a problem when I was introduced to Matt White a visiting lecturer. He really helped and inspired me. I also remember going into Geraint Cunnicks office who was head of the course at the time, he showed me so many photography books and broadened my mind to the possibilities of the medium. I pushed myself to make work that was very personal to me. My final project was called “I am Rhondda”. It was a self-portrait project, which I felt reflected my last year at Newport. It was about being lost and overwhelmed by a place I did not know.

Now I have moved to Berlin where I continue to take Photographs, I am currently making a series of books of my six year collection of photographs from my first digital camera which I call “Kloss Cam”.

Georgina Kloss