100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Benjamin Haizelden

April 26, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

My time at Newport is something that reshaped both the way that I live my life and how I understand it.

Before attending Newport I had been making photographs for quite sometime but with little success. Through the course I was able to understand the types of images that I wanted to make and how to go about succeeding in doing so.

Whilst the technical workshops were excellent it was within the group and individual seminars that I felt I gained the most knowledge. To be within an environment with other likeminded people was a revelation.

The researching techniques that I learnt still inform my practice today and I feel sure that without my time at Newport my photography, and my life, would be a distinctly less rich experience.

Some three years after completing the course I am still in contact daily with some fellow students whom I rely upon for both moral and critical support in my continuing photographic works.

I cannot thank the course, and its lecturers, enough.