100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Dafydd Bland

April 26, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

My three years on the Documentary Photography course was an enriching experience. I originally applied to the course because my college tutor was looking at the images I was making and frankly said that I needed to go to Newport and he was right. I applied to Newport and no other university and so it was all or nothing for me.

What lay ahead was an education, both in technical excellence and what can only be called life skills as you quickly discover that this course is not just about photography. The initial projects forced you to toughen up fast and get over any shyness that may hold you back from making the work that would do a story justice. These early stages had clear lessons: understand the subject, know the medium, trust your instincts and be persistent.

The passion and talent that you were submerged in was truly infectious and extremely important to my development as a photographer. I felt a genuine sense of responsibility to keep up the high standard of work that had gone before. The support given not only by the lecturers and technicians but by fellow students is what maybe surprised me most, I thought that others would be far too involved with their own work to help but instead there is a real sense of community and students were quick to help and offer up their time and some were ever eager to tell you that all your photographs were too magenta – cheers Fez.

Although I am a relatively recent graduate the impact that the documentary course has had on me is already clear for me to see. Even though the photography I create now is not always strictly documentary I feel incredibly fortunate to have developed my work at Newport and will be forever thankful for the support they gave me.

Dafydd Bland, 2012