100 Years Of Photography At Newport

Tristan Hooper

May 1, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

My name is Tristan Hooper and I studied on the Documentary Photography course between 2007 and 2010.

Newport was the only University that I had applied to; this in itself is a strong indication of just how much the programme appealed to me. When I received my letter of acceptance I was thrilled. I remember arriving at Caerleon with feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation, positive feelings that soon changed into those of shock and self doubt when I received my schedule and realised for the first time how much was expected of me. In all honesty this undercurrent of anxiety never left me throughout my three years at Newport but equally I feel that it was instrumental in my completion of the course. Along with the apprehension came a multitude of other feelings also, those of curiosity, excitement and satisfaction. This range of emotions pointed to one thing; I had found something that I really cared about and the course had made this possible.

In the lecturers I found a wealth of knowledge and a great source of inspiration. Individually they offered a range of opinions and perspectives, all of which provided great food for thought. During my dissertation I was lucky enough to receive guidance from Ken Grant who helped me to articulate my ideas into a piece of work in which I still feel a sense of pride. I received vital guidance from the beginning to the end, valuable advice from Clive Landen and Pete Davis during the hectic first year of the course and much needed support from Paul Reas with relation to my staged work, in which he really seemed to have faith, this was of great value to me.

The course broadened my rather narrow and naïve perspectives of photography, igniting a desire to further deepen my understanding and relationship with the subject. I’m currently living and working in Japan, still making pictures, striving to develop my own practice and pursuing personal work. I’m returning to the UK to begin postgraduate study next year. I can say with total certainty that I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t made the choice to study at Newport.