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Susan Langford

November 8, 2012  by admin  •  Alumni

No One Like Me

The use of speech can be used in a way of tormenting and abusing a person, making them believe they are worthless or from the perpetrators viewpoint consider themselves dominate. Verbal abuse is insidious like a cancer, and it steals into a marriage by degrees.

The item I used is important to Bride and Groom. The wedding cake is a symbol of love which they both cut together to show unity and harmony. The ornament on the top of the wedding cake is kept as a reminder of that symbol. As it ages it becomes faded and the plastic becomes yellowed. Cracks and distress appear in an abusive marriage as with the ornament.

My Time at University

I got divorced in 2006, I had always wanted a degree piece of paper to show certain people that I had the courage and intelligence to achieve this qualification. What I learnt was more about myself. I had hardly touched a camera, my strengths were in design. I wanted a challenge and a challenge it was. I enjoyed being at University learning a new skill, which proved to me that I could achieve something, something I’d put on a pedestal, a degree. I am now 55 and was supported emotionally by my children but constantly told by people of my age it was a waste of time. Learning is never a waste of time. Taking photographs can be done by anyone, but the feeling of knowing how to use a camera and taking the photo which gives you the feeling of ‘yes that is the one’, can only be achieved by someone with confidence, which education has given me.